Executives, Committees, Posts, Fees

Board & Committee Chairs: Anita Krakow (Secretary), Vera Bondy (Program), Gladie Jarka (Past President), Ruth Dunsky (Membership), Thelma Savelson (Hospitality), Deanne Hall-Habeeb (President), Anita Eydt (Archives), Carmen Nicodemo (Exhibition Chairperson)

2011 -2012

Executive  Board

President                                  Deanne   Hall-Habeeb

Treasurer                                  Pauline  Shapiro

Hospitality                                Thelma Salveson

Programming                           Vera Bondy

Recording Secretary                Anita Krakow

Exhibition Chairperson         Carmen Nicodemo

Membership                             Ruth Dunsky


Exhibition  Committee                     Carmen Nicodemo

Exhibition Hospitality                      Deena   Apel-Dlusy

Corresponding Secretary                 Liliane Goldman

Club  Posts:

Archives Person                                   Anita Edyt

Attendance                                           Thelma Salveson


$80.00 per year


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