During the summer, a plein aire program is often planned. Gladie Jarka prepared us well for the 2011 summer outings. Gladie had this to say about one of our delightful excursions at Parc des rapides in Lasalle:

We had such a great time at Parc des rapides on our last outing; it was just a perfect day.  Some of us feared the forecast of 32C would be much too hot, but in the shade of the many trees and with breezes off the rapids, it was most comfortable.  We saw among other things: a great blue heron obliged with many poses for us; a very large turtle resting on a big rock; white terns flying frantically over the rapids…  all of which made for a very complete day.  Many promised themselves to come back.

A big Thank You to Gladie for planning the plein aire program of 2011.  The sites were
inspirational and each day was carefully outlined which made it easier for us to find our way.  The pictures tell the story and we now have truly happy memories of these outings.




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