May 2019   Annual WAS Exhibition Prizes


Rochelle Mayer
Le fantôme de l’opéra2019-Rochelle Mayer
Denise Dostie
Fenêtre sur le monde
Zoya Duba
Summer Night


Norma Lehrer
A Special Place
Marie Noël
La linge Bleue2019-Marie Noel
Margo Godin
La Châtelaine2019-Margo Godin.jpg


Sue Fenn
San Miguel Colors2019-Sue Fenn
Lily Goldman
Baby Octopus2019-Lily Goldman

April 2019

The exhibition at Cote St Luc Library featured work by member Josette Wescu.CSL Library-Josette

The exhibition at Galerie Meteque featured work by Sue Donohue, Blue Joyce, and Helene Mayer. This exhibition runs until April 21, 2019.

January 2019

Landscapes by Audrey” exhibition by or member Audrey Speck at the McGill Community of  Life Long Learning is on from January 6 until February 8.

October 2018

Tandem” by members Margo Godin and Veronica de laColina

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Annual WAS Exhibition

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May 2018 Winners:

First Place Winner:  Thelma Savelson (The Hat)
2nd Place Winner: Judy Lazarus (Lily Pads)
3rd Place Winner: Christiane Drouin (Forêt tropicale II)
Honourable Mentions went to Ruth Dunsky,  Norma Lehrer,  and Blue Joyce.  Our judge this year was Caroline Lindsay Hart.

Past Exhibition Winners:

  • 2017 – Thelma Savelson: MONT-ROYAL
  • 2016 – Ruth Dunsky: AUTUMN SKY
  • 2015 – Suzy Charto:  AFTER THE PARTY
  • 2014 – Doreen Walsh:  MEDITERRANEAN PORT
  • 2013 – Beryl Deitcher:  PIVOINES SUR LA CHAISE
  • 2012 – Suzy Charto: OLD FRIENDS
  • 2011 – Suzy Charto: DE BONNE HEURE
  • 2010 – Ruth Dunsky: OLMSTEAD TRAIL
  • 2009 – Marilyn Lamond: DIOGENES
  • 2008 – Deena Dlusy-Apel: LES CRAVATES
  • 2007 – Gladys Jarka:  FEUILLES COLORÉES
  • 2006 – Anita Krakow: SOUVENIRS MARITIMES