Upcoming Exhibitions

The upcoming exhibition at Galerie Meteque features work by members Sue Donohue, Helene Mayer, Pauline Shapiro, Kathryn Morris-Trainor, and Josette Wescu.
This exhibition will run from April 23-May 5, 2019.

Members Date Venue
Sue Donohue
Helene Mayer
Pauline Shapiro
Kathryn Morris-Trainor
Josette Wescu
April 23 – May 7 Galerie Meteque
5442 Côte Saint Luc Rd10 POINTS of VIEW-SD
Rochelle Mayer (AAL) April 27 – May 11 Centre Henri Lemieux
7644 Rue Édouard, LaSalleSlide3
WAS Annual Exhibition May 2 – May 6 Centre d’art E.K. Voland
4710 St AmbroiseWAS-2019-Poster