We meet at the Unitarian Church of Montreal, 5035 Boulevard de Maisonneuve on Wednesday mornings from 9:00am to 1:30pm and work on our own or participate in workshops when given.
Metro: 2 blocks east of Station Vendome.  Bus: Sherbrooke #24 to Claremont, then south to De Maisonneuve.


  1. Membership fees are $140 for a full year.
  2. Fees for new first-time members joining after the season has started will be prorated.
  3. Workshops are for paid up members only. Guests are NOT permitted.
  4. Parking is on a first-come basis.
  5. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up (See cleaning rules below)
  6. All members must leave the church by 1:00pm.

Clean–up Rules for Acrylic Painters

  • Wipe painting palettes with paper towels. Do not wash them in the sink.
  • Rinse all brushes in your water container and wipe them well before washing
    them in the sink.
  • Pour your container water through a sieve next to the sink.
  • Wipe the sink and empty the sieve in the garbage after each session.
  • Return easels downstairs

Clean–up Rules for Tables and Working Space

  • Protect your working space with a table cloth.
  • Wipe up all paint and other media from the tables and floor.

Coffee Cups

  • Rinse your coffee cup and put it in the rack next to the sink.