Luncheon Critique

Elizabeth Galente regaled us with thoughtful insights.  It cannot be easy to critique the works of people without knowing their  ‘démarche’  but she did this remarkably well.  There were noteworthy words and phrases which described and enhanced our understanding of art.  Words and phrases such as: magical…fluid…hit the right temperature/note…unity of surface…ticket to staying involved…liveliness of brush…conceptually strong…textures vibrate…works well within it’s format…wonderfully animated…shifts in color temperature from warm to cool…complex…rich…full…well integrated

There were also some technical bits of advice such as:don’t do watercolor on regular gesso.  Use an absorbent gesso designed to go on paper (made by Golden)…fine line markers eventually fade…black is made up of blue and brown…white can make a color chalky…encaustic (wax) gives depth and…luminosity…black frames are enclosing and distracting

Other memorable comments and advice included:

Art needs time…sometimes colour can be blocked after a trauma in one’s life…check out how Thomson and MacDonald (Canadian artists) showed sunlight and what colors they used…the work we throw away is sometimes the best stuff…Read “The Life and Work of David Milne”.

It was an enriching and positive critique for which we are grateful.

Below are pictures taken at the critique, December 2011


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