Who We Are



History and Function

The Women’s Art Studio of Montreal was created in 1998 by a group of artists, who were active members of the Women’s Art Society of Montreal, to fill a need for more studio space not offered by the Women’s Art Society.  It was considered that a group environment would provide opportunities for an exchange of ideas and techniques with their peers. With this in mind, the Women’s Art Studio of Montreal was launched.

It was determined that the function of the Studio is to meet twenty times a year in two sessions of ten meetings each.  The venue should be suitably large while keeping the membership fees affordable.

Each week a theme is suggested and artists are encouraged to create a related work.  A critique is held at the end of the meeting, animated by a qualified member.  During the year, and depending on availability, four to six professional artists are invited to conduct workshops on various aspects of art.  Occasionally, life models are also engaged.

Twice a year at the end of each session, a contributory luncheon is held at which one of the hired professional artists does a critique of paintings submitted by each member.  These paintings may be completed or works in progress.

The year culminates in the spring with an annualexhibition and sale of works. A professional artist is invited to select 1st, 2ndand 3rd place prize winners as well as 3 Honorable Mention awards.  Modest cash prizes are awarded to the first 3 prize winners.

The criteria for submission of paintings are the following:

Paintings must be original work not to exceed 36”x40” framed size.   Works from photos  originating in books, magazines, newspapers or calendars; or copies of works created by other artists are not accepted.  Those originating from life, still life, personal photos or slides, are permitted.

As of this writing, we are a group of 45 professional and non-professional artists, and we have a waiting list for potential new members.  From the point of view of fine art, many members hold Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees, and some are professional teachers of art.

Currently meetings are held in a church hall in Notre Dame de Grace.

Note:   Many of our members also enjoy membershipin the Women’s Art Society of Montreal (l’Association culturelle des femmes de Montréal).


3 Responses to Who We Are

  1. What do I have to do to become a member an assist to your meetings.

  2. IF YOU ARE STILL INTERESTED, WRITE TO MS. JUNE SMITH, smithjuno@hotmail .com for more I formation. Thank.

  3. If you needed volunteers, what type of work would be involved?

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